The Profits Perspective has helped the Levy family and their clients profit from economic developments for 100 years.

Our History Dates Back Over 100 Years

The Jerome Levy Forecasting Center has a history dating back over 100 years, spanning three generations of Levy family economic analysis. Jerome Levy first developed the profits approach at the beginning of the twentieth century, and the approach is now used by his grandson David, who has accumulated a distinguished record of insights over several decades.

The Levy Forecast®
Among other research products, the Jerome Levy Forecasting Center continues to publish The Levy Forecast, established in 1949, America’s oldest publication devoted exclusively to forecasting and analyzing general economic and business conditions.


Jerome Levy derives the profits equation and employs it to invest during the 1910s and 1920s, successfully liquidating his business and stocks in early 1929, months ahead of the crash.


Jerome’s son, S Jay Levy, wins renown for his prescient monthly economic forecast, which continues today as The Levy Forecast. Jay’s brother Leon, betting on the family’s bullish long-term outlook, builds a bold and talented research team and invests aggressively, making Oppenheimer & Company one of Wall Street’s great postwar success stories.


Based on Jay’s and his son David’s forecast of the 1990 recession with no solid recovery for several years, the Levy Family makes dramatic gains speculating on the two-year slide in interest rates.


David Levy, now chairman of the Levy Forecasting Center, uses insights from the Profits Perspective to start a special opportunity hedge fund betting on interest rates, netting 500% for investors over 5 years.

Meet Our Leadership


David A. Levy

David A. Levy is the world’s foremost expert in applying the Profits Perspective to economic analysis, with over 35 years of professional experience forecasting and helping clients capitalize on his firm’s unique insights. In 2000s, Levy’s forecasts for a severe profits plunge and a financial meltdown led to a 500% net gain over 5 years for investors in the Levy Forecast® Fund. He has a BA in mathematics from Williams College and an MBA from Columbia.



Robert C. King
Managing Director, Director of Research

Robert King joined the Jerome Levy Forecasting Center in 2007, initially focusing on the housing bubble and its unsustainable financial underpinnings. Today, he is critically involved in managing and participating in the analysis and forecasting of all aspects of the economy. He graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz , where he received the C.R. Seshu Memorial Scholarship in Economics and a BA degree in international economics.


Get to Know Our Perspective

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