Throughout its history, the Levy family has always invested based on the forecasts and analysis of the Jerome Levy Forecasting Center.

The Jerome Levy Forecasting Center’s oldest client is the Levy family. Three generations of the Levy family have used the Profits Perspective for their own business and investment activities. Some highlights:

  • 1917 to 1929: Jerome Levy uses the profits equation to successfully manage his wholesale goods business through numerous key shifts in the economy, including aggressive moves to acquire inventories in 1917, liquidate merchandise in 1920, and liquidate his business in 1929 ahead of the stock market collapse.
  • Post World War II: Based on S Jay Levy’s insights from the Profits Perspective, Leon Levy goes to Wall Street with tremendous optimism about the U.S. economy’s prospects. When hiring members of Oppenheimer & Company’s research staff in the early 1950s, he makes it a rule not to hire anyone old enough to remember working during the depression because they would not be bold enough. Oppenheimer becomes a great Wall Street success story.
  • Throughout the postwar era: S Jay Levy, heir to Jerome as family economist and forecaster, successfully speculates in the stock market, commodities, bonds, and interest rate futures and options, with 90% of his insights coming directly from his economic research.
  • 1980s and early 1990s: Odyssey Partners (including Leon Levy, Jack Nash and others from Oppenheimer) capitalizes on major cyclical bond plays based entirely on Jay’s and his son David’s forecasts, setting firm records for profitability.
  • 1991: David and Jay are serving on the Board of a not-for-profit organization financed by Leon Levy. David has been speculating in options on eurodollar futures, and Leon asks him to build and manage a $350,000 portfolio for the organization. The positions are liquidated a couple of years later with a value of over $9,000,000.
  • 2003-2009: David predicts that the accelerating expansion will end with a severe financial mess and recession that will force the Fed to cut interest rates to the floor. He sets up the Levy Forecast® Fund in 2004 to capitalize on that move. The fund closed in March 2009, having produced a 500% net gain over the duration for its investors.

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